Providing Exclusive Genetics and Organic Craft Cultivation Support

Positioning for Global Specialty Cannabis Supply & Distribution

Who We Are

AgriCann Solutions Corporation (“ASC”) operates through its wholly owned subsidiary Craft Nurseries Canada Inc. (“CNC”). CNC is a rapidly expanding full-service premium Cannabis nursery, as well as a craft industry supplier and retailer with operations in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. CNC’s Info Deck is provided as a PDF in the adjacent monitor for reference as a click through.

Updated: Sept 1 2022

Canadian wholly-owned subsidiaries multi-licensed by Health Canada to capitalize on Canada’s international lead in regulation, research, development and production.
Focused on BC-premium craft Cannabis production and cross-Canada sales backed by unique recreational & medical strain genetics, organic cultivation support, and premium product development initiatives.
Mission is to be a high-margin fully-integrated ``P2P`` (Plants to Premium Products) innovator through the creation of stable genetics, scalable operations, research-backed, end-to-end bioscience supply platform.
Positioning to become a global, vertically-integrated premium craft cannabis supply company.


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Legalization has sparked mega-companies flooding the market with average products, much like typical chain-stores. Fortunately for craft cultivators, the proliferation of sub-par products creates a natural demand for superior, craft-made products. Discriminating consumers seek out superior products that have been made with passion, precision, and attention to detail, just like in the existing connoisseur wine and craft beer industry. The South Okanagan Valley continues to be the go-to destination for wine tours, creating wines, pairing fine foods, and crafting specialty cannabis exclusive to the area’s history and growing conditions. The future of craft is bright thanks to humanity's constant search for individuality, and something better.

Rob van Santen, Chairman